Aux armes,citoyens!…


Chicken hams in chaud-froid with aspic fleur-de-lys.

C’est chaud.

Chicken legs frenched, the thigh bones removed, skinned, stuffed with the bird’s giblets and oysters, pistachios, my lardo and poached. Gelatine and a white roux is added to the cooking liquid (chaud-froid) in proper béchamel proportions. The chilled legs are placed on a wire rack and napéed many times with the chaud-froid until an even coating is achieved. Excess is melted and ladled over again as needed. Dark aspic is made from soy sauce, water and gelatin. Sleight of hand “truffle découpage” can be made with a few drops of activated charcoal or squid ink in the gelatin and perhaps ground dehydrated black olives. Garnished with fluted mushrooms, beveled carrots and cipollini onions à la Grecque.