Autumn à la Grecque

Up close and seasonal.

A rich, edible tapestry of fall produce cooked à la grecque; glazed in olive oil and white wine with coriander, fennel seed, then finished with lemon juice for proper acidity balance and color enhancement.  Carrots, pearl onions, mushrooms, turnips, rutabaga, radishes, cauliflower, apples, bay leaf and whatnot.

In all seriousness, shut up and eat your vegetables.

A suitable accompaniment to the aforementioned pâté en croûte and soothing distraction from the cancerous plague of hopelessly temperamental dinner guests customers whose fundamental social graces and table manners have been diluted by trendy bargain basement activism and bullshit dietary restriction picket signs.  Incontinent 2nd and 3rd aged children with epicurean Asperger strains of social autism who are simply incapable of eating what is offered or proposed without fussing or eating around the offending item.  Allergens notwithstanding, occasionally ingesting a comestible element which has been consciously castigated from the shopping list under the flimsy crutch of morality is harmless and a testament to basic courtesy as a guest.

Comport yourself as a guest and you will be treated as such.  Until then, you are and will forever be a soulless customer, worthless to the core, applying a supermarket’s cereal selection to your inflexible rolodex of selfish “choice” and confusing a restaurant with services rendered from anything-goes prostitutes.