Smitten man’s chicken

A classy chick doesn’t show any leg.

Taking a cue from nature, this bird tried to seduce another, with a larger, roasted bird.  Ginger brined, Confucius-style (head & feet still attached, hasn’t been ef’ed with, just as Confucius would)  roasted chicken, actually.  Ginger as a nod to Eastern cultural sensibilities, wheat berries for a wholesome, noble and humble demeanor; manicured asparagus to evoke spring and mimic those properly groomed fingernails; fluted mushrooms for masculine showmanship and flexing of deft hands; soffritto made with lemon zest, chili  and my8 month cured lardo di Mt. Pleasant. Frilly paper booties covered up any unsightly, severed feet; hopefully better crafted than all the other paper booties the young lady has had made for her by potential 2nd date dinner companions.

Brined, bound & buttered. Duck fat too.

A 4lb bird from Culver Duck farms.  Head was tossed while neck & feet were reserved to make a rich, though simple jus.  The thing was then left to do its thing for 4 days in a 3% brine primarily flavored with fresh ginger, cinnamon, clove, chili and rosemary.   1 day prior to roasting the wishbone was removed (as with any properly prepared bird) the creature trussed and left to dry 1 day in the fridge so as to achieve crisp skin when roasting

Chocolate truffles? Who is this suitor?  Only natural when the  brain-scramblingly stunning  lady in question has the style and etiquette to show up on bicycle with nary a sign of make-up, pickled rhubarb and a bottle of Hendrick’s.   Hazelnut & rum ganache.  Some with fleur de sel de l’Île de Noirmoutier, some without, others with some swirly stuff going on that can not be accounted for, but it looks sharp.  Sure does.

Much, much better than brown eggs.

Chicken gets the chick? Not likely.  Despite what could be recorded as one of the pretty damned good dates in Western civilization, the chicken was undercooked.  Whatever.  There is always Scrabble, but it sucks to play by yourself.